What tools, strategies or suggestions do you have to help modify or accommodate students with special education needs?

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Accommodated or Modified Assessments

December 2009 -
Zoe Branigan-Pipe
Teacher at Lawfield Elementary School (HWDSB)
Diagnostic Assessment for the current reading strategy and Big Idea (How do the Olympic Games strengthen countries relationships between people?)
  • I have been experimenting with how I can meet the needs of more of my students through the use of technology tools. One tool, called the Livescribe has proven very useful for several of my students with identified exemptionalities. This student in particular, when required to record a writen response has much difficulty and will provide vague or no responses at all. Using the Livescribe provided me with a more accurate response as to his abilities to synthesize and communicate his answer to the required text. Here is an example where the student recorded his answer into the livescribe:

Another example of a student using the same tool to answer a reflection question based on a text read in a shared reading lesson:
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Zoe Branigan-Pipe
Example of how I have modified for a Level one ESL student. Allowing the student to answer in both her native language as well as practicing english on a blog has proven very sucessful. She (or I) uses google translate when necessary and works on the same assignments as the rest of the class:
Example of her blog: http://kazeem.edublogs.org/