Big Idea – how to effect change

Key Themes

  • how do minorities effect change in democracy?
  • how to students find their voice
  • define minority groups - compare and contrast minority groups
  • democracy (always positive?)
  • how do changes occur?


  • show example of project before starting project
    • online projects or videos from previous years
    • also good to show parents
  • activity to sensitize students to trying to effect change in their own class
    • convince other student to change their mind about favorite football team
  • write a speech on a blog
    • discuss formal versus informal writing
    • students comments on others
  • create a history wiki
  • points of view
    • choose topic carefully so there are at least two sides and potential for research
    • role playing
    • debates
  • what is the output of the project?
    • let students choose a paper, poster board, picture, wiki, etc.

Other Thoughts

  • what to grade?
    • how to grade blog interactions?
  • how do teach students to build relationships?
  • what skills do the students need for the project?