What 3 takeaways do you wish for students?

(Answers collected from the participants of EduCon2.2 session, 1-30-10)

To be good people
Think of themselves as members of a community
Comfortable taking risks
Willing to work
Strong communication skills
Being "activated"
Understand their passions
Have a feel for their "sweet spots" as learners
Problem solvers
Creative problem solvers
Ability to APPLY ideas & concepts
Comfortable asking questions
Abolish homework
Be able to apply knowledge
See themselves as actors with critique and consciousness
Critical actors as well as critical thinkers
Confident in their sense of themselves
Awareness of alternate modes of thinking and problem solving through the studies of other communities and cultures
Global citizens
I want my boys to think they can change the world
Life long learners
Awareness of the availability of tools
Context, not just content
Able to change and adapt
Willing to stand up for what seems right
Able to detect crap
Grit & perserverance
Able to reflect on and learn from failure

(notes humbly submitted by @butwait)

Discussion, and So.....


How do we get the students to WANT to be life long learners?
  • Incorporate student INTERESTS.
  • "Take a look at the "Alice Project". Expectations were given, but no guidelines."

Does Power Corrupt?
- Can this happen in a classroom when the power is with the teacher?
- The power within the students
- Can our current system meet those needs - to give the student the power?
- Kids should feel safe as well as feel empowered - model (even mistakes)
- Learn with them - When was the last time the teacher emmersed in a particular subject?

"School should de-school"- Alec Couros

WHAT???!! Kids aren't able to adapt to this change right away??? Start earlier and then continue it.

GIVE..... a little instruction, lots of scaffolding, lots of practice, lots of inquiry

Big Idea: What is the Role of Sacrificin religion.
connect this to what is RELEVANT
How does this tie into current practices
How do we define sacrifice