Topic/Big Idea:
Writing is a means of documenting thinking (from - RWSL & 6th grade search)
Curriculum links:
Pa Standard: 1.5.7D and others
Diagnostic (reading):
Question: What role does writing play in our lives

Reading resource:
Using #5 below for Lesson and resources (including the MLK poem mover from RWT) - Use this for connection with Martin Luther King and follow up by applying this to the students' own lives by having them create something like a wordle, piclit, etc.
Resources for student learning:
  1. (6th grade resources)
  2. (How Big Are Martin’s Big Words? Thinking Big about the Future) Lesson with online interactives
End Point Assessment:


Reading resource:
Culminating Activity:
PicLit/Wordle/something similar for students to create a list of their own "big words" and portray them visually.