How do we get the students to WANT to be life long learners?
Incorporate student INTERESTS.
"Take a look at the "Alice Project". Expectations were given, but no guidelines."
Mike Nathman - Dallas

Does Power Corrupt?
- Can this happen in a classroom when the power is with the teacher?
- The power within the students
- Can our current system meet those needs - to give the student the power?
- Kids should feel safe as well as feel empowered - model (even mistakes)
- Learn with them - When was the last time the teacher emmersed in a particular subject?

School should de-school - Alec Couros"

WHAT???!! kids aren't able to adapt to this change right away??? Start earlier and then continue it.

GIVE..... a little instruction, lots of scaffolding, lots of practice, lots of inquiry

Big Idea: What is the Role of Sacrificin religion.
connect this to what is RELEVANT
How does this tie into current practices
How do we define sacrifice